Detroit-style pizza

December 14, 2022

Pizza Influencer Interview: Blue Pan Pizza’s Jeff Smokevitch

Atlantic City showcased some of the most competitive pizza makers in the United States at 2022 Pizza and Pasta Northeast. The Non-Traditional Division, according to the event organizers, is an “anything goes category with no restrictions on styles, dough, sauce or topping and features creativity and innovation.”  The type of […]
December 5, 2022

Pala Pizza Shares Fave Pizza Recipe: The Detroit Shakshuka 

Earlier this fall, Pala Pizza, a review site dedicated to testing pizza ovens and pans, named LloydPans as its favorite pizza pan. We interviewed reviewer Derek Gaughan for the LloydPans blog, and being the pizza lovers that we are, we had to ask: What’s your favorite pizza? Derek told us […]
December 2, 2022

Interview with Slice of Homage Owner Steven Barrantes

There’s no better way to pay homage to the pizza world than by bringing traditionally known favorites to a new region. San Jose, California’s Slice of Homage Pizza is sharing regional favorites like Sicilian and Detroit-style with West Coast customers, and the formula is working. The pizzeria has received the […]
November 28, 2022

Pizza Influencer Interview: @PizzaChannelKevin

Heads up to the pizza obsessed: Tune into @PizzaChannelKevin to get your fix! For 12 years, Kevin Lynch has been making pizzas at home, and he was hooked as soon as he bought his first pizza dough ball. The “pizza gateway drug” turned into something much bigger for the video […]
November 24, 2022

Pizza Influencer Interview: Tony Gioutsos of Gibroni’s Pizza

Tony Gioutsos grew up in Detroit, and since moving to San Clemente, Calif. by way of Austin, Texas, he knew he wanted to bring a taste of home to the West Coast. With the help of LloydPans, a lot of hard work and a few fateful signs along the way, […]
September 23, 2022

TikTok Contributor Brings LloydPans Pizzas to Life

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but a pizza video is definitely the best way to showcase the height of frico, the pull of a gorgeous cheese slice or the edging of roni cups. Since earlier this year, Steven with @notapizzeria has taken TikTok by ‘za storm, creating […]