Quik-Disks: The Better Way to Bake Pizzas

Consistency, durability and performance. What more could you want from a pizza pan? LloydPans NSF-approved Quik-Disks replicate the baking action of screens without the associated headaches…like health department citations and cyclical replacement costs. Some of the biggest chains in the country are baking perfect pizza crusts with them, and we’ve heard they’re still performing like new after 15 years!

Quik-Disks or Pizza Screens?


Quik-Disks heat faster, bake faster and are consistent every time you bake a pizza.


Warping of pans is always a problem, but can be eliminated with a durable Quik-Disks. They stand up to the rigors of a fast-paced restaurant.


Quik-Disks in a landslide! No pre-seasoning and ready to go right out of the box!


Superior alternatives to pizza screens


No seasoning required and ready to go out of the box


Permanent finish will not chip, bake, flake, or peel off…ever


Size ranging from 6- to 20- inches in diameter

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