IBIE 2019 in Las Vegas

Meet Us in Las Vegas!

Don’t roll the dice with inferior baking pans!

Visit us at Booth #7453 at IBIE 2019 and discover what makes LloydPans baking and pizza pans different. It starts with our water-based proprietary coating system that is stick-resistant and permanent. 

No more re-glazing or re-coating pans.

Buy them once and watch your profit margins grow with every baking cycle.
At this year’s show, we’re bringing quite a few pans, but our focus will be on cake pans and teaching bakers how to boost sales by adding pizza to their lunch and dinner menus. As you prepare for the show, here are a couple things to research.

The Five Essential Cake Pans

This blog takes a look at the workhorse of many bakeries: the cake pan. It also details five cake pans every bakery needs.

White Paper

Increase Sales by Adding Pizza to Your Menu – In this white paper, our food solutions experts detail how bakers can easily add pizza to their lunch and dinner menus.

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