Technological breakthroughs in materials, processes and manufacturing have enabled massive advancements in pan performance as it relates to the quality of pizza and bakery foods. Today, pans can contribute as much to finished product success as the formula and chef making them.

LloydPans is leading the pan technology revolution, and continues to develop new technologies to make our pans more durable and stick-resistant. Our efforts are focused in proprietary coating systems designed for specific industries and applications.

How do our coatings stack up? We tested them.


LloydPans Coatings

Bare Aluminum




Minimal Required Minimal Minimal

Baking Cycles

2000+ Life of pan 300 1000+


None: 97% water None 97% solvent 97% solvent


None Bitter After Taste Flaking into food Flaking Into food

Metal Utensils

Safe No No No


Yes Yes Yes Impractical


Yes NA Yes No

About LloydPans Coatings

We offer three permanent, toxin-free coatings that are infused into the pan surface, creating a durable baking platform that will out-last and out-perform any other pan on the market. These coatings are permanent, allowing our customers to say “goodbye” to reglazing, along with its associated inconvenience and expense.

For Pizza

Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® (PSTK)

An essential for pizza pans to ensure a stick-resistant coating. This coating has proven success by the top pizza franchises in the world, and many pizza experts, who have praised the pan for its performance and durability. Benefits include:

  • No Pre-Seasoning required. Save time and labor with these ready for production pans.
  • Permanent stick-resistant coating will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • The dark pan finish bakes hotter and faster than bare aluminum and produces an excellent crust with consistent, even baking.
  • Easy to clean and maintain

For Baking


Similar to our PSTK pan, but fine-tuned for applications in retail and high-volume bakeries. This pan was engineered for multiple oven types, and to withstand the rigors of hundreds of baking cycles per day. Benefits include:

  • The dark finish bakes hot and helps brown crusts quicker.
  • Permanent stick-resistant coating will not chip, peel or flake off.
  • Metal utensil safe pans allow for easy cleaning and maintenance.

For Pizza and Baking


This coating system is designed to eliminate reglazing. It bakes similar to bare aluminum, but has the added benefit of being a permanent stick-resistant finish.  Other benefits include:

  • Unlike silicone, this coating will last through countless baking cycles with proper care.
  • Cut costs and improve efficiencies by reducing release aids and parchment paper.
  • The coating’s steam-proof finish allows our customers to depan on their schedule.
  • Neutral, non-toxic finish does not discolor products containing eggs, like cheesecake.
  • Water-based release finish is PTFE and PFOA free.

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