5 Essential Pizza Tools

5 Essential Pizza Tools

Accessories and pizza tools often can be overlooked in a pizzeria, but great tools can create a more efficient operation and improve product quality and appearance. In addition to making the best pizza pans in the industry, LloydPans also produces exceptional pizza tools and accessories.

Here are five of our must-have pizza tools for every pizzeria or foodservice operation.

Rolling Tower Pizza Racks

LloydPans has developed the perfect pizza rack, designed specifically for the unique needs of pizzerias and manufacturers. Our Rolling Tower Pizza Rack offers kitchen storage on wheels with a marine-grade vinyl snap-on door and 5-inch commercial casters.

All Steel Rocker Knife

Our unique rocker knife features one piece construction with the safe, ergonomic handle integral to the blade. This eliminates issues with screws coming loose and breakage. This rocker knife is built to last a lifetime.

The Equalizer®

This multi-blade rocker knife is perfect for school lunch programs where equal slice size is mandatory. We’ve designed this pizza tool with safety, as its construction ensures fingers are kept away. For pizza sizes from 6″ to 20″ with several slice counts available for each size.

Pizza Cutting Boards

Our wood-fiber cutting boards are ¼” thick, dishwasher safe and constructed with NSF-approved materials. They also are resistant to absorption, cuts and stains, and come in diameters ranging from 10” to 20”.

Dough Boxes

Our rugged and dependable dough boxes are designed to provide solutions to your dough and food handling needs. Made from extraordinary designs and materials, these dough boxes are designed to ensure a long life.

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