5 Essential Pans for Every Bakery

5 Essential Pans for Every Bakery

Baking is a labor of love. Long hours, complicated recipes and a lot of hard labor. The end results can be breathtaking though, whether you’re crafting the perfect baguette or decorating a wedding cake. It would be a shame if all of this hard work is inhibited by an underperforming pan. Yes, your choice of baking pan matters on the quality of the finished product. LloydPans understands this, and has developed a complete line of bakeware designed to optimize performance. 

Here are five of our must-have baking pans for every bakery or foodservice operation wanting to ensure their hard work does not get lost by underperforming pans.

Cake Pan Sets

When was the last time you replaced your cake pans? Most likely, you’re spending too much time on cleaning them to remember. Our Cake Pan Sets come in round and square packages, and in three coatings. We suggest our Silver-Kote, which provides exceptional release, durability and no need to ever re-glaze the pan.

Nesting Cheesecake Pans

LloydPans’ Nesting Cheesecake Pans address the most common production challenges facing cheesecake bakers and manufacturers: product release and pan storage. Even better, our cheesecake pans solve these challenges while offering the same durability and baking qualities that only Lloyd Pans provides.

Baguette Pans

Perfect for the production of baguettes, French bread, rustic loaves and rolls, these pans allow bakers to bake multiple loaves per trough with four- and five-trough models. The pans’ hard anodized 16-gauge aluminum and unique framework makes them durable for even the toughest bakery environments.

Sheet Pans

The workhorse of any bakery or foodservice operation. Don’t settle for rusting, flaking or chipping sheet pans that may impact baking performance or contaminate finished product. Use our Dura-Kote finish to minimize cleanup, and potentially eliminate parchment paper or sprays. Use our Silver-Kote finish for easy release and a baking performance like bare aluminum.

Pie Pans

It’s always pie season at LloydPans, and our line of pie pans is perfect for the commercial bakery looking for a heavy-duty pie pan that is built for life. Available in diameters ranging from 3.25 inches to 11.125 inches.

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