5 Essential Cake Pans

5 Essential Cake Pans

Cake pans are the workhorse of many bakeries. From standard cakes to cheesecakes to sheet cake pans, these baking pans and tools ensure your cakes’ baking performance is perfect. It’s easy to take them for granted because they are always around, being used. But, don’t let old pans get in the way of baking performance. Restock with the best cake pans in the industry.

Here are five of our must-have cake pans for every bakery or foodservice operation wanting to ensure their hard work does not get lost by underperforming pans.

Round Cake Pans

LloydPans’ round cake pans are available in bare aluminum, Silver-Kote™ and Dura-Kote™. Our Silver-Kote™ and Dura-Kote™ finishes represent a performance break-through in baking pans. These permanent, non-toxic, easy-release finishes will not discolor bakery foods or impact product flavor. Just as important, the pans are resistant to warping, denting and scratching even under the toughest conditions.

Square Cake Pans

The most important aspect of a quality square cake pan is its construction. LloydPans uses .063 (14 ga.) Aluminum, straight sides and square corners, and an even wall thickness to produce consistent results every bake. Commercial bakers love our square cake pans because they are reliable, affordable and come in more than 50 size configurations.

Sheet Cake Pans

Our sheet pans are designed for consistent baking. Straight sides and square corners ensure professional results. Sizes range from 7x11x2 to 16x24x3.

Cheesecake Pans

LloydPans’ cheesecake pans address the most common production challenges facing cheesecake bakers and manufacturers: product release and pan storage. Even better, our cheesecake pans solve these challenges while offering the same durability and baking qualities that only LloydPans provides.

Angel Food-Tube Pans

LloydPans offers one of the largest selection of Angel Food Pan sizes in the market. From four- to 16-cup pans, to round and square pans, we offer bakers the versatility to craft the perfect Angel food cake.

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