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December 20, 2022
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January 27, 2023

The results are in, and the LloydPans sales team has crowned the pizza pan winner of the year: Detroit-Style 8×10 and 10×14 Pans. Both were the top 2 best-sellers of the year for our Spokane Valley, Wash.-based team, followed closely by 12-inch and 14-inch Quik-Disks and the 10x10x1.5 Sicilian Pan. We took a trip down 2022 memory lane to reflect on the top trends of the year that boosted our best-selling pans.

2022 was the year Detroit-style pizzas went mainstream in the United States. From Miami to California, Detroit-style pizza swept through the nation. Vice City, which uses LloydPans 8×10 Detroit-Style Pizza Pans, feeds customers with fan favorite pepperoni while also experimenting with Cuban-inspired slow cooked pork to pastor taco-style pizzas and Frito pie pizzas, with chiles, sour cream, a cheddar mozzarella blend, crushed Fritos and scallions. And Orange County, California-based Gibroni’s Pizza, which also uses 8x10s, sticks to the four pillars of Detroit-style pizza making: 

  • It has to be square
  • It has to have the butter crust
  • The cheese must be all the way to the edges
  • Sauce goes on top

The fan favorite at Gibroni’s is the The Baba, made with fresh mozzarella, marinara and basil garnish. 

Detroit-style by the numbers:

  1. There were almost 43,000 #detroitpizza posts on Instagram
  2. Almost 79,000 Instagram users used #detroitstylepizza to search
  3. LloydPans’ Detroit-Style Pan was named the No. 1 pizza pan by Pala Pizza Review and Detroit was named the No. 1 Best Pizza City in the United States by Anytime Estimate 

Quik-Disks, our second- and third-best sellers of the year (12-inch and 14-inch, respectively), ensure maximum crispness and are designed for various styles of ovens and baking styles. Quik-Disks are particularly beloved in the C-store category, which boomed in 2022. 

Leading C-stores in the United States include 7-Eleven, Alimentation Couche-Tard, Speedway, Casey’s and EG America. Advanced Convenience & Fuel Retailing shows that C-stores represent 35% of the brick-and-mortar retail space in the United States. There are more than 148,000 C-stores operating in the U.S., and “speed of service to time-starved consumers who want to get in and out of the store quickly” is a business model that fits perfectly with the “quickness” of the Quik-Disk. LloydPans is a proud pizza pan provider for all top five C-stores — over 24,400 locations — in the U.S.

The 10x10x1.5 Sicilian Pan reflects the regional-style pizza cravings that customers ate up in 2022. We interviewed Slice of Homage’s Steven Barrantes, who is a perfect example of mixing traditional inspiration and bringing it to a new region. His West Coast eatery pays homage to Sicilian-style, which is a novelty in San Jose, Calif. The originality and creativity of Sicilian isn’t just for eating; he loves to showcase, educate and demonstrate different styles using the East Coast-style as a base for new creations.

With Technomic reporting more than 3 billion pizzas being consumed each year and 83% of consumers eating pizza at least once a month, we’re proud to be a part of the fine pizzas made in 2022. If you’re ready to add to those numbers in 2023, don’t forget our end-of-year sale. Order $250 or more and receive 10% off through Dec. 31. 

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