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Our social media followers have asked us a lot of questions leading up to the holiday season, and we decided to ask Paul Tiffany, our resident food and pan expert, to tackle your questions about baking and pizza pans. Have a question for Paul? Email us at or DM us @LloydPans

What is the max temperature for LloydPans in the Ooni oven? Are they OK to go in an Ooni wood pellet oven?

Regardless of oven type or temperature, if you remove the pan with the pizza on it when the pizza is cooked there is no problem. Empty, the pan is safe to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. LloydPans work well in the Ooni and similar ovens.

I would love to get one of your pans to make Sicilian pizza, but my child has a few food allergies. Is there any contact or use of dairy, peanuts, tree nuts or shellfish with the pans, seasonings or in the facility?  

None of the items are present in our facility or products.

What is the best temp to bake with a LloydPans pan? What’s the best way to clean and store them? 

There is no one best temperature, as there are many types of pizzas and ovens and each requires variations in time as well as temperature to achieve the desired result. There are many books on pizza making available such as Perfect Pan Pizza, The Pizza Bible and Modernist Pizza that are useful resources. In the end you must experiment with your choice of pie and oven to determine what’s best for you.

In terms of cleaning, we have a great How to Clean Video on with further instructions on cleaning and maintenance. Depending on the pan, we offer Standard Rolling Pizza Racks and Wire Shelves for strong, durable commercial grade storage. 

Any warranty on pans warping?

We don’t typically see warping. There would be a few questions to ask though. What are you cooking in/on? What pan is this? What temperature are you using? What exactly are you cooking? If there is warping, you can often straighten out the warping by putting the pan in the oven with weights at 500 degrees for about three hours, then turn the oven off and leave it overnight. 

Here is our warranty:

LloydPans warrants all products against defects in material or workmanship from the date of purchase for a period of 90 days. We will repair or replace defective products but will not be responsible for any consequential damages including any claim of lost profits. Warranty is voided if items are washed in an automatic dishwasher that damages the coating with the caustic chemicals that may be used. Sticking issues are not a manufacturer defect.

Can avocado or olive oil be used on the pans during cooking or for putting a light layer on after cooking and before storing?

Any oil can be used in the pan; cook’s choice. None is needed for storage.

For further assistance on baking with Ooni ovens, storage, cleaning and our warranty policy, email

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