LloydPans Celebrates National Bakery Day with Year’s Trends

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Retail Bakers of America: Gather your LloydPans bakeware, whip up your favorite ingredients and let’s bake! We’re excited to recognize some of the coolest, most innovative baking trends of the year this September 30, in honor of Retail Bakers of America National Bakery Day.

Leftovers from IBIE

The LloydPans innovation team had a fun time chatting with you at our IBIE booth about all things bakeware, but we had time to check out Dawn Foods’ Global Bakery Trends Report released for the show. In the report, “Technology Transformation” highlighted the fact that the customer eating experience has changed forever, thanks to innovative technology in our field. Dawn Foods predicts that the trend will continue in the years to come, and LloydPans is committed to bringing you the best pan innovation, shipping times and customer service in the industry. Didn’t get to visit us at IBIE? Email sales@lloydpans.com to speak further about our patented technology like our stick-resistant finishes and custom manufacturing.

Less Cake is More

One of the biggest baking trends heading into the holiday season is the customer need for personalization. IRI shows that the majority of U.S. households contain one to two people. And, heading out of COVID, sharing a large cake or pie isn’t as sought after as it once was. 

“(Consumers) are not going to invest in a full-size sheet cake unless they’re throwing a party and having people over or bringing it to the office, so they’re looking for the smaller size, single-serve options, and that really comes down to the demographics of our nation where you have more one- and two-personal households than we’ve traditionally had in the past,” Eric Richard, industry relations coordinator for the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA) told Bake Magazine

Image Courtesy of Dawn Foods

Cookies, brownies, cake pops, cake shots, cupcakes and individually-packaged cakes and slices are in, and bakers are looking to customize even further with unique and nostalgic flavors. Bake Magazine reported that marshmallow, mint and pink lemonade are trending, along with displays that feature bright colors of the season. Smoky flavors are also big year-round — after all, they’re perfect for those with cravings reminiscent of both grilling and campfires. Looking ahead to spring 2023, strawberries are predicted to have their moment. They’re the first fruit to ripen of the season, so expect to stock up on the berry of choice.

All-Year Wedding Season

The wedding postponements of the past two years are taking shape into a boom at the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023. Couples are ready to celebrate, so much that The Knot said that the most weddings in recent history will happen in the next year. Trends, according to The Knot, are similar to the retail bakery boom of mini cakes and desserts. Couples are opting for single-tier cakes for ceremonial cake cuttings and then spreading the menu with a wider variety of options for guests. The party is extended throughout these cakes and desserts, which are featuring “vibrant, celebratory colors” (think canary yellow and magenta), pressed flowers and more cohesive themes like pattern matching with the dress and the cake. Classic flavors are trending, with vanilla, red velvet and citrus leading the charge.  

LloydPans Sheet Cake Pans

Ready to bake? Don’t forget LloydPans Bakeware for all of your in-the-moment bakes of the season. Happy National Bakery Day!

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