TikTok Contributor Brings LloydPans Pizzas to Life

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September 12, 2022
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September 29, 2022

A photo may be worth a thousand words, but a pizza video is definitely the best way to showcase the height of frico, the pull of a gorgeous cheese slice or the edging of roni cups. Since earlier this year, Steven with @notapizzeria has taken TikTok by ‘za storm, creating content for his 28.4k followers that has us heading to our ovens faster than we can say LloydPans. 

Detroit-Style Pizza

LloydPans: What’s your favorite thing about TikTok, and what’s your strategy in using the platform? Does it differ from Instagram or Facebook?

Steven: I like the editing tools available within the app! I post pizza videos that are interesting and appealing to other people. I would say it does differ from other platforms since my audience is primarily younger on TikTok compared to Instagram. 

LloydPans: What’s in your LloydPans lineup? How do they make the difference in pizza making?

Steven: I have two 10×14 Detroit-Style LloydPans, but I would love to try other pans like the Sicilian one! I shared a TikTok on how I make a Sicilian-style pizza and people loved it! They are nonstick and metal utensil safe, which makes a huge difference when trying to remove a baked pizza from the pan. 

LloydPans: What’s your favorite pizza that you make with LloydPans?

Steven: Detroit-style pizza is my favorite style that I make with LloydPans. It has a cheese crust, commonly known as a frico. Traditionally it’s made with brick cheese, but I like to use low moisture mozzarella. I have a lot of Detroit-style pizza recipes on my IG (check my recipe highlights!) I parbake my dough and then add the cheese edge-to-edge with the sauce on top and continue to finish baking. 

Detroit-Style Pizza Recipe


Same Day Sicilian-Style Pizza Recipe


Roman-Style Pizza Recipe


LloydPans: What’s your social plans for the rest of the year?

Steven: TikTok is a great platform to build your community, alongside with Instagram. Personally, I repost my Instagram Reels on TikTok, and when people ask me for the recipe I redirect them to my IG, building a larger community.

Roman-Style Pizza

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