National Cheese, Pepperoni Days Honor Traditional Faves

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August 17, 2022
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Last year, the LloydPans innovation team hosted a social media pizza bracket — BYOP (Bring Your Own Pizza) — where faithful followers weighed in on their favorite crusts, cheeses and toppings. It came as no surprise that two traditional pizza toppers made the final ideal pizza: mozzarella and pepperoni. In September, we celebrate both cheese and pepperoni which have their very own days, Sept. 5 and Sept, 20, respectively.

The Big Cheese

Photo by @Antonios_Ristorante

If you’re not a mozzarella fan, have no fear! National Cheese Pizza Day on Sept. 5 celebrates everything from gorgonzola to gouda. Cheese is one of the very first toppings that Byzantine Greeks and Romans started covering their pizzas with, and the tradition of course spread to the birthplace of today’s pizza: Italy. Cheese pizza lovers can celebrate #NationalCheesePizzaDay with their favorite menu cheese pizzas, and don’t forget to tag @LloydPans with your cheesiest creations!

A Win for the Roni

Photo by @GoodBreadDenver

National Pepperoni Pizza Day is one of our favorites at LloydPans. On Sept. 20, we can’t wait to see those gorgeous roni cups! Pepperoni is served on more than one-third of American pizza orders, and Hormel Foods Corporation, maker of the best-selling retail pepperoni in the United States, even offers a plant-based real-meat pepperoni, perfect for plant-forward eaters. 

Pepperoni Tops Innovative Releases

Not only do cheese and pepperoni taste great, but are they enough to stand alone? Papa Johns released Papa Bowls without one pizza staple: the crust! Cheese and pepperoni (among other pizza ingredients) are mixed in signature Bowls. How do you feel about this new menu item, and are you doing anything similar? Tag #LloydPans with your thoughts.

Papa Johns has also released Football Pizza, just in time for both pepperoni day and football season. Papa Johns signature pepperoni tops this cheesy large thin crust pizza. Cut in the shape of a football, it’s sure to be gone before halftime!

Little Caesars is celebrating pepperoni in large fashion: The chain’s new specialty pie will come topped with more than 100 slices of pepperoni. The Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni features “old world” pepperoni that consist of a rich, smoky flavor and patented caramelized, crispy edges. 

Putting pep in our pepperoni-lover’s step, The Triple Pepp from Papa Murphy’s is back as part of the company’s Take ‘n’ Bake menu. For a limited time, customers can enjoy three different types of pepperoni — giant, mini cup and premium — topped on Papa Murphy’s crust, red sauce, whole-milk mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

Don’t forget to tag @LloydPans with your #NationalCheesePizzaDay and #NationalPepperoniDay ‘zas! Need more pans to keep up with orders? Visit LloydPans for your favorite Pizza Pans

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