LloydPans Grilling Plates Create Summer Sizzle

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August 5, 2022
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August 12, 2022

There’s nothing more summer-esque in the United States than a backyard barbecue. Thanks to LloydPans, pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants and foodservice operators can bring the party to their brick-and-mortar establishments, create appetizing grill marks on hamburgers, steaks, seafood, hot dogs and sandwiches regardless of the type of oven used. 

Consumers love grill marks, and our pans help create the most sizzle-worthy, juiciest, tastiest, best-looking meats, veggies and whatever else customers are craving this summer, without the actual grill. Your customers who don’t — or can’t — grill in their own backyards look to restaurants to mimic that flame broiled, charcoal taste, and cross hatched grill marks “prove” that the actual act of grilling has taken place even if heated in an indoor pan or in the oven.

Grill Plates and Grill Pans 

If you’re using a LloydPan Grill Plate or Grill Pan, depending on the oven type, pre-heating the pan will produce grill marks on foods. Conventional ovens will produce a bold grill pattern if pre-heating the Grill Plate. They’re best used in modern combi and convection ovens to attain grill marks while cooking sandwiches, breads, meats and vegetables.

Diamond Grill Pans

Our Diamond Grill Pans work great with ovens with pre-set time and temperature, consistently producing impressive grill marks or proteins and vegetables time and time again. The pan’s bold, diamond grill pattern is seared right onto the surface of the protein as it cooks. Perfect for combi, speedbake, convection, conveyor and infrared ovens.

Grilled Pizza

One of the hottest summer trends is grilled pizza, so if you’re a pop-up pizza place that takes your pizza-making skills on the road, our versatile grilling pans can also be used as an alternative way to bake America’s favorite food. And, indoor grilled pizza is easily achievable in your commercial kitchen with wood-fired ovens. 

What are you grilling up this summer? We’d love to hear how LloydPans Grilling Pans are helping you achieve the next level of fieriness.

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