Innovation in Pizza Pans: Bar-Style Pizza

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March 17, 2022
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Last year, the LloydPans innovation team released its newest pan specifically designed for bar- and tavern-style pizzas: The Bar Pizza Shovel. The concept is simple: start a pizza in the pan, remove the pan easily in a deck oven. Since the pan’s release, the demand has gotten even larger thanks to its usefulness to restaurants, pizzerias and foodservice operations. 

How do our Bar Pizza Shovel Pans help? 

  1. Starting pizza in a pan allows for foodservice operators to gain convenience and speed. Countless pizzas can be prepped at the same time and baked as orders come in — perfect for busy days.
  2. After baking in the Bar Pizza Shovel, pizzas can quickly be de-panned on the surface of the deck oven, giving the crust the perfect finish. 
  3. Bar Pizza Shovels are made with heavy 14-gauge aluminum construction, and features our proprietary PRE SEASONED TUFF-KOTE finish that requires no seasoning.

Bar pizzas are a hot new topic, and Brian Spangler, owner of Apizza Scholls, explains why in this video.  

Spangler is always experimenting with pizza styles from around the world, and he’s a big fan of “cracker-style,” which is a larger umbrella term for bar-style, tavern-style and parlor-style pizza, which all share the same common theme.

In the video, Spangler and Blaine Bartholomew (@PDXdoughboy) demonstrate a classic Jersey-style bar pizza using the LloydPans Shovel Pan. The pizzas start off baking on the pan and then finish on the hearth. 

Once the pizzas are removed from the pans, they’re finished on the hearth for a six to seven minute bakes, which provides a nice, crispy cracker crust.

Ready to serve your loyal patrons a little bit faster and with a little bit more convenience? Get your Bar Pizza Shovel orders in today. 

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