3 Pizza Trends Coming in Hot

Is it Hip to Be Square? [When it comes to pizza, yes.]
February 12, 2022
The Shift Toward PFA-Free Pan Finishes
March 2, 2022

It may be cold outside in most of the United States, but our ovens are ablaze with a daily staple: pizza. Market research company Mintel found that three in four Americans ate pizza ordered from a restaurant in 2020, and an astounding 82% of U.S. consumers said pizza is one of their favorite comfort foods. But, if we’re talking crust trust — pizza is a huge category. There truly is something for everyone; pizza recipes and trends are a mixed sprinkling of traditional favorites with new ideas. Let’s see what’s currently on the modernistic menu for the first quarter of 2022. 

From Ice Cream to Pizza

Photo by Kono Pizza

Biting into a delicious grab-and-go slice of pizza during a workday can make for quick hunger pang satisfaction. It can also result in the sliding of cheese and sauce sliding right off onto that new white blouse. Pizza makers are changing shape in 2022, and pizza cones are hitting the streets. Food Navigator reports that the literal twist on an old favorite is resulting in a 51% rise in Yelp searches for pizza cones. Check out Roma Pizza in Ocean City, NJ, for a to-go cone on the boardwalk or Kono Pizza’s display of classic, dessert or kids kones.

Blonde Has More Fun

Photo courtesy of Pizza Beddia

Bake Magazine reports that blonde pizza — perhaps more well known as white pizza — is up a whopping 953% in Yelp searches. A few of our faves of late include Pizzeria Beddia’s pizza with cherry tomatoes, sweet corn cream and basil vinaigrette or Pizza Shackamaxon’s roasted garlic and ricotta on a basil cream base.

Sourdough’s Solid Ground

When we recently spoke to Steve Kaplan from Five Squared Pizza, he said that when making his ideal Detroit-style pizza, it has to be about the foundation, the crust. And, in present-day consumer demand times, we’re seeing just as many crust variations as we are toppings. The latest trending crust we’re catching a whiff of is sourdough. Dairy Processing noted that sourdough’s gluten sensitivity, digestive benefits and distinct taste are making it a crust to watch in 2022. Alex Corsini, founder and chief executive officer of Alex’s Awesome Sourdough, told Dairy Processing that gluten-free crusts still reign supreme, but sourdough and grain-free crusts are a growing trend. “Manufacturers seek to improve the nutritional considerations as well as the taste of these crusts.” San Francisco’s Local Kitchen & Wine Merchant’s sourdough crust pizza is a seasonal vegetable delight with spicy cauliflower purée, roasted seasonal vegetables and pepitas sambal.

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