5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Pizza Pans

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You’ve perfected your pizza, and you’ve been speaking with your fellow restaurateurs and searching Google for the best pans in the industry. But, you have some questions. LloydPans’ stellar customer service team is here to answer them, and we’ve compiled answers to the top five questions we receive before people purchase our pans.

1. Are your pans stick resistant?

Yes! Our proprietary PRE SEASONED TUFF-KOTE (PSTK), Dura-Kote and Silver-Kote finishes are stick-resistant and permanent. That’s right, we use finishes on our pizza pans not coatings. What’s the difference, you may be thinking? The word “coating” implies that it’s painted on and comes off. And for most pans, this is the case, including almost all pans promoted as non-stick. No one wants a coating that comes off, which is why we do something completely unique with our pans. 

We anodize aluminum pans to harden their surface, and then apply a proprietary finish that’s not “painted on” the pan, but instead is part of the pan. You can’t get it off. It won’t peel off and it won’t scratch off. If you’ve seen LloydPans at a trade show, you’ve probably seen us try to scratch our pans with a nickel. It won’t work. The finish is that great, and we’re the only ones in the industry that has it. 

2. How often do I have to season my pans?

All pizza pans have to have a release function of some sort and this is typically done by  seasoning them. If you’ve ever seasoned a pan, you understand the time it takes to oil a pan,  bake it, then repeat … and repeat … and … repeat … and repeat …

Fortunately for our customers, LloydPans doesn’t make a typical pizza pan. Because of our proprietary PSTK finish, our pans come pre-seasoned (it’s in the name!) and stay that way for the life of the pan. With a LloydPans pizza pan, pre-seasoning is not required. They are ready to use right out of the box.

3. How long will my pans last?

At Pizza Expo, one customer told us he has been using his same LloydPans pizza pan for 15 years. Talk about a long-term investment! Our process for making pans is unique in the industry, and is why our pans’ lifecycles are often measured in years, not bakes.

It all starts with our anodizing line, which is an electrically charged water bath that all of our pans go through. The anodization process imparts a harder and darker surface on the pan. This is not a coating as the anodizing process literally changes the DNA of the pan and makes it metal utensil safe and permanent. 

Next, we apply our PSTK finish, which makes the pans stick resistant. The combination of anodizing the pans and then applying our proprietary finish makes them the most durable pizza pans in the industry. 

This process comes with a cost, and generally pans are more expensive out of the box. However, the long-term return on investment of our pans is significant. You’ll save money and time by eliminating seasoning and you won’t need to replace pans every year because they were scratched with a metal utensil or warped in the oven. 

4. How do I clean my pans?

To preserve the integrity of the pan, you’re never going to want to wash pizza pans in a dishwasher. The harsh chemicals used in dishwashers are going to damage any type of pan. For our pizza pans, we recommend a hand wash with warm soapy water and a non-scratch scrub sponge. 

5. What if I want a pizza pan that’s not on your website?

We love innovation and have a team of experts ready to make your custom pan idea a reality. In fact, we’re known for our custom designs with low minimums and quick turnaround times. Learn more about our custom pans

Have an unanswered question about purchasing pizza pans? Slide into our DMs @lloydpans or email sales@lloydpans.com.

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