A Good Year: LloydPans Celebrates 2021’s Wins

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December 16, 2021
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It’s hard to believe we’re at the end of another exciting year at LloydPans. From new product releases to increased social media engagement — Can we talk about the Instagrammable pizza photos? — to the return of Pizza Expo, we’ve had a blast. 

We’re also feeling a little nostalgic about the close of another year, so we’re taking a look back on the top three LloydPans moments of the year. 

The Innovation

We wanted to reach through our screens and take a huge bite out of the absolutely mouthwatering pizzas and other food photos you’ve shared with us this year. The mentions and shout outs were overwhelming, and many of you expressed love for LloydPans. Social media is no doubt a huge driver for food trends, and you inspired us to create two new pan releases this year: the Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Pan and the Bar Pizza Shovel. We kicked off the beginning of 2021 with a pan to supplement one of the most popular regional styles in the country, the Chicago Deep Dish pizza, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of the buttery, thick Chicago institution’s pan. We kicked off the second half of the year with the Bar Pizza Shovel, which is designed to allow bar and tavern pizza makers to start their creations in a pan and conveniently finish on an oven deck. Authentic bar-style pizza has never been better since this pan’s release.

Tradition Wins Through BYOP

Speaking of deep dish, DoorDash’s third annual Deep Dish Report discussed new trends over the past year, and Create Your Own Pizza came in fourth on the list. One of our biggest thrills of the year came in the form of our own “build your own” concept with the BYOP — Build Your Own Pizza — bracket and contest. Traditional fare won you over, as the votes favored New York-style crust, marinara sauce, pepperoni and mozzarella. Congrats again to @JimmyHank_Pizza as the winner of a LloydPans pizza pan for baking the winning concept.

Top Pans

2021 saw a huge surge in Detroit-style pizza, so it comes as no surprise that our Detroit-Style Pizza Pan was our biggest seller of the year. This pan will never rust, is durable and there’s no pre-seasoning required, thanks to our exclusive pre-seasoned Tuff-Kote finish. Rounding out the top three biggest sellers of the year were our Nesting Pans and our Stacking Pans.

No matter what you’re baking in 2022, we hope that you’ll partner with LloydPans for another stellar year. Thank you so much for your support, love and business. Happy Holidays! 

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