Delectable Cookie Trends for the Holiday Season

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December 13, 2021
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December 21, 2021

The LloydPans innovation team is baking up some stellar batches of cookies for end-of-year celebrations, and we’re mixing it up with some of the nation’s favorite trends.

Monster Cookies

If you’re planning on making extras on Dec. 18 — Bake Cookies Day — then surely your customers will be set for Dec. 22 — National Cookie Exchange Day. But, you may need a bigger cookie jar. This year’s biggest trend is literally monster-sized cookies. Pure Wow notes that famed Levain Bakery arguably started the giant cookie trend in 1995, and the cookies have evolved into creative flavors and gooey centers filled with ganache or cheesecake. So, those who want their cake and eat it too can — within a cookie. 

Functional Cookies?

Cookies aren’t exactly known for their health benefits, but thanks to consumers who want that permissible indulgence that’s been driving 2021 with no signs of stopping in 2022, there may be some leeway. Ingredient provider ADM predicts that consumers will “continue to look for baked goods and products that meet their specialized diets, such as paleo, keto, vegan and allergen-friendly, such as grain-free or dairy-free cookies.” A less guilty feeling while snacking on a delicious cookie? We’ll take a bite out of that!

TikTok Has Spoken

Combining TikTok and Google numbers, Bad Brownie compiled the biggest online baking trends and recipes. Cookies fared well, grabbing four of the top 15 spots. Sugar cookies raked in a whopping 471,900,000 hits, followed by Nutella cookies, thumbprint cookies and three ingredient cookies. 

So, grab your favorite cookie recipe, your LloydPans Cookie Sheets, and get to baking! After all, it is the most wonderful time of the year to bake. 

Photo by Chonky Cookies

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