2022 Pizza Outlook Features Pizza Show Debut, Jackfruit Pepperoni

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October 29, 2021
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We see you, pizza-loving Americans, and we’ve had quite the year at LloydPans in terms of pizza pan releases, mouthwatering social media pizza photo shares and unique interviews with industry experts. But, there will be plenty of time to sauce nostalgic about 2021. First, we look toward 2022 with some exciting trends, stats and even a brand-new pizza summit!

Tomorrow is Today

We have a full year to prep for a newly-baked trailblazer in the pizza industry event area. The Pizza Tomorrow Summit heads to Orlando, Fla. in November 2022, a trade show that PMQ Pizza Magazine says is “setting the course for the future of pizza. Highlights planned include:

  • a full-service event with new companies, suppliers, products and initiatives
  • Immersive, need-based, hot-topic educational and conference programs
  • pizza competitions!

The full site should be up by January 2022, and we can’t wait to see what the new show brings to the table.

Pizza’s Future Boom

Technavio reported that the U.S. pizza market was expected to grow $42.20 million between 2021 and 2025, due to a number of factors: increasing consumption of pizza in developing countries, rising popularity of fast-casual pizza restaurants and growing consumer inclination toward vegan pizza. North America in particular is chasing the pizza lovers’ dream, with a forecasted accelerated growth rate of 44%. Sales in 2021 rose 4.84% in our market, which was reflected in our manufacturing plant. We were busier than ever making the best pizza pans in the market, right here in the U.S.

Accessible, Personalized Indulgence

Treat yo’ self! Consumers want premium products, personalization and to feel something special during their dining experiences, even if they’re getting carryout or delivery. FrieslandCampina’s 2022 Global Trend Report notes that consumers want premium pairings, which can include pizza toppings baked on a wide variety of unique crusts like croissants or bagels.

Further, pizza ingredients that are off the beaten path will hit in 2022. Are you baking with jackfruit yet? Jackfruit pepperoni will trend in 2022, according to Vegan Food Living, along with plant-powered pizzas with vegan meats – a trend “expected to explode in the next year.”

What do you most look forward to in the pizza making world in 2022? 

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