Show Us Your Cakes! Celebrating National Cake Decorating Day

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October 7, 2021
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There’s a food day for just about everything, and Oct. 10 is one of our favorites, because it screams innovation: National Cake Decorating Day. Just like the evolution of cake pan technology, there is a counterpart to the product that comes out of the oven — the presentation. 

The LloydPans innovation team went in search of the origins of cake decorating, and we found that bakers started taking cakes to the next level — or tier if you will — in the 17th century in Europe. Around the 1840s, temperature-controlled ovens and other inventions made cake baking easier. Thus, with the improvement of technology came a drive to make the finished product prettier. Food coloring, ornamentation and that oh so delicious frosting began to take on a life of their own, and to this day cake makers are wowing us with their designs, new ideas and trends that are so ornate that they now have their own day!

Cake decorating has become so popular in present day that there are several reality shows dedicated to it, like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes and Netflix’s Nailed it! 2021 trends, according to, include:

  1. Animal print
  2. Black buttercream
  3. Candy-shaped icon art
  4. The combed frosting look
  5. Lambeth piping
  6. Rainbow piping
  7. Woven tapestry
  8. Spatula painting

The photos on this blog are amazing, but we want to see what the LloydPans faithful, our followers, have to say! We’d love to see your latest cake decoration creations! Share them on @LloydPans with the hashtag #LPcakedecoration. And, don’t forget, the holiday season is upon us, so get your LloydPans Cake Pan order in today!

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