Build the Perfect Pizza with LloydPans’ Inaugural #BYOP Bracket

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August 26, 2021
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August 30, 2021

If you’ve been following the LloydPans innovation teams’ Instagram and Facebook stories as of late, you more than likely saw a poll asking you to vote on your favorite pizza crust: thick or thin.

The results:

Instagram: thin crust 72.2% of the votes; thick crust 27.7% of the votes

Facebook: thin crust 57.1% of the votes; thin crust 42.8% of the votes

The initial question was overly simplified for a reason. Much like our stellar lineup of pizza pans, we’re going above and beyond, bigger and better in September.

It’s time to build the perfect pizza.

For the next four weeks, you, the LloydPans faithful, will vote on your favorites — from the topping to the crust to the regional style to the cheese (oh yes, that glorious cheese). 

By September’s end, you will have built the “perfect” pizza, and the good news is there are no bracket busters this time around. Just a fun way to express your favorites through #BYOP (build your own pizza). 

As an added bonus, we challenge you to bake the winning #BYOP, and we will randomly choose a winner to receive a corresponding LloydPans pizza pan.

Happy baking, happy voting, happy #BYOP.

Photo by RecipeTin Eats

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