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August 11, 2021
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August 27, 2021

It’s a week of back-to-school photos, fresh beginnings and a time to learn something new. School cafeterias across the U.S. are tasked with feeding young minds and the LloydPans innovation team is inspired and delighted to help with this endeavor.

We have a few items in our own workstation — our manufacturing facility in Spokane, Wash. — that are perfect for everyday school cafeteria use. Here are a few of our faves designed to serve America’s best and brightest throughout the school year.

The Equalizer

Uneven pizza slices in a school cafeteria could mean disaster. Thanks to our precision cutting tool, The Equalizer, pizzas are sliced uniformly, eliminating the headaches associated with trying to cut equal pieces of pizza. The Equalizer is designed for all sizes of pizza, from six to 20 inches, and you can cut four, five, six, eight, 10 or 12 slices at once. And, every purchase includes a sharpener to keep blades in top condition, along with a wall chart of instructions. 

Baking Sheet Pans

Available in quarter, half or full sheet sizes, our Baking Sheet Pans are ideal for commercial quality baking. They come in bare aluminum, Silver-Kote or Dura-Kote finish and have rolled rims for better handling during busy lunch hour times. Full sheet sizes are also perforated. 

Cookie Sheets

Get every kid on your good side with our line of Cookie Sheets. Custom sizes are available, but our standard lineup includes 10-, 13- or 14-inch widths. Busy cafeterias will enjoy the long ends that are turned up for easy handling, and we can work with cafeterias of all sizes to produce innovative, custom Cookie Sheets for all kid-friendly occasions.

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