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The LloydPans innovation team prides ourselves on innovation through research, inquisitive minds, talent and conversations with our customers. Our pans are made in our Spokane, Wash.-based manufacturing plant, and much like the pizza crusts our customers bake throughout the nation, our pans are the foundation to build upon. And, our proprietary line of custom coatings make it even better.

Our customers seek out coatings that can solve a multitude of pizza making pain points:

  • Long lasting 
  • Minimal cleaning required
  • Can handle metal utensils
  • No oils, sprays or pre-seasoning required
  • Clean, easy release (especially on those deep dishes!)
  • Non-stick, chip-resistant 

It’s a sticky situation, inventing something that solves this wish list. But, our LloydPans team has the answer with our coatings line.

Pre-Seasoned Tuff-Kote® is a no pre-seasoning required, permanent stick-resistant coating product. It will not chip, peel or flake off and is metal utensil safe. Crusts bake evenly and consistently, a huge bonus in the pizza industry. 

Silver-Kote® bakes similar to bare aluminum with durable, permanent release coating that will last through countless baking cycles. There’s a steam proof finish on this coating, and it’s safe to soak in water. Finally, the release layer is infused into the surface of the pan to create a long lasting, durable finish.

Dura-Kote® is engineered for combi, convection, conveyor and conventional ovens. The easy-release finish is stick resistant, and its dark finish bakes hot for browning crusts. 

We also offer Silicone Glaze, Power Coat and PTFE Non-Stick Color Coating. Want to see our coatings line in action? Check out this video of Paul Tiffany, senior manufacturing engineer, explaining the line.

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