National Pizza Party Celebration Continues with Ode to Crusts

Let’s Get the Pizza Party Started!
May 18, 2021
Today is National Pizza Party Day!
May 21, 2021

It’s #NationalPizzaPartyDay on Friday, and the LloydPans innovation team is paying tribute to the one thing we can all agree on that pizzas simply can’t do without: the crust. Solid constructions need a foundation or they will crumble and fall apart. A surface layer in pizza is imperative: After all, a pizza without a bottom is just ingredients tossed into a pan. Every pizza needs a crust, and the bready, crunchy, soft, square, rectangular or triangular bottoms we know, love and depend on are the glue that holds the pizza together. 

Customers across the national are throwing pizza parties on Friday, so make sure you’re stocked with consumer-friendly crusts similar to these establishments.


Pizza lovers will be happy to find that Blaze Pizza offers a keto-friendly crust, complete with red sauce, two kinds of mozzarella, bacon, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach, according to Eat This, Not That.


VeryWellFit takes notice of Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza, which is a gluten-free pizza lovers’ paradise. Not only does the pizzeria take precautions to not cross-contaminate through separate storage, utensils and sauce containers for gluten-free food, it uses gluten-free flour “for the ‘slapping’ of all of its pizzas so that the airborne flour is entirely gluten-free.” The gluten-free menu is vast and includes build your own pizza options — perfect for a party.

Deep Dish

Where else could we go but the birthplace of deep dish to discuss the best crusts? Chicago, of course! We can’t possibly choose one pizzeria over the other on this list, as the origin restaurant itself is a hotly-contested conversation. So, we’ll leave it up to Eater Chicago to do the dirty work for us, tossing up some of its favorites in the deep dish category. From Burt’s Place to Bartoli’s to The Art of Pizza, there are 15 on this list alone to choose from. 

Thin/Hand Tossed

We head to New York City for some of the best thin/hand tossed pies in the nation. Anthony’s Pizza and Restaurant specializes in thin crust NY-style, calling it “an old method hand-tossed technique.” The restaurant agrees that a great pizza starts with the dough and the sauce. “Old style pizzas are baked in an oven deck with special stones for cooking the dough, side convective heat cooks the sauce and toppings, and melts the cheese. Quite important to mention that unless the stone and temperature are at an equilibrium the pizza will burn; heating a good quality pizza stone takes up to two hours. Many things could go wrong baking a pizza, to credit pizza makers worldwide, each pizza that makes it to your table is a masterpiece.” We couldn’t agree more.


One of the best crusts to grab at any pizza party is possibly the flatbread, based on its shareability. Making UPROXX’s list of “The Absolute Best Pizza In Every State,” @AmericanFlatBread in Waitsfield, VT, which “focuses on very local and seasonal ingredients from the abundant farms in the area. That means the pies are something special and unique depending on the season.”

Stuffed Crust 

Finally, we head to the self-named “home of the original stuffed pizza,” Nancy’s Pizza. On the pizzeria’s history page, it is said that the “American success story is based on inventing and introducing a product for which the public has been waiting.” This led to the success of the stuffed crust in America, among many other crusts that we love to have a pizza party with.

Offering up a crust for #NationalPizzaPartyDay that didn’t make our list? Send us a pic @LloydPans. 

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