Let’s Get the Pizza Party Started!

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May 17, 2021
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May 19, 2021

The LloydPans innovation team is gearing up for May 21, National Pizza Party Day, and we’re excited to see what pizza makers across the country are baking up. Pizza is one of America’s favorite foods, and there’s possibly never been a time more exciting than now to throw a pizza party. From coast to coast, #NationalPizzaPartyDay is a time for celebration — so, let’s take a look at some new ideas heading to parties this year.

Color within the Lines

Grab a slice — or a strip? Quad City pizza (originating in the Illinois/Iowa region) is arguably the first to cut hand tossed pizza into strips. The pizza isn’t considered thin crust or deep dish; in fact, it’s somewhere in between with malt syrup or molasses mixed in to soften and sweeten the crust. Right when we think pizza makers can’t possibly create anything different, we’re amazing once again. 

Sharing is Caring

Photo by Kit2Eat

One of the amazing things about pizza is that it’s automatically shareable! Whether your slice is square, rectangular, triangular or something else as mentioned above, it’s the perfect meal for a party. And, there’s one trend thanks to the U.K. that slices up pizza for dessert. Dessert pizza may come to mind, but this one is cake pizza! Bake Magazine reports that bakers are using triangle cavity silicone mold to bake individual slices of cake, then each slice is decorated individually and is customizable. Pizza for the party and for the after party? We’re in.

Whether you’re prepping pizzas for parties of one, small gatherings or droves of customers, here are some must-haves from LloydPans for your pizzeria to excel in pizza making year round.

Pizza Disks. Quik-Disks have replaced screens in large segments of the pizza industry. LloydPans QDF40 Quik-Disks, the standard for medium crust pizza in conveyor ovens; Hex Quik-Disks, made for maximum heat exposure for crispier crusts; and Hearth Bake Disks, unique pizza disk designed to produce crusts like hearth ovens, come with PSTK coating, holes that are resistant to carbon build-up and plugging and are made with durable construction that stops cyclical replacement issues.

Detroit-Style Pizza Pans. One of our best sellers! You don’t have to bake in the Motor City to enjoy this style of pizza that’s quickly rising to be one of the most popular in the United States. LloydPans Detroit-Style Pizza Pans are metal utensil safe to withstand punishing conditions without chipping, baking or flaking off. High-performance release coating is non-toxic, no pre-seasoning required. Your pizza party customers will taste every ingredient baked into your mouth-watering pizzas.

The Equalizer. Our equal slice knife will make sure pizza party goers have perfectly equal portions. The Equalizer is safe for operator usage and is made with durable 18 gauge stainless steel. For pizza sizes from 6” to 20”, but several slice counts are available for each size. 

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