LloydPans Celebrates World Baking Day

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April 30, 2021
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May 18, 2021

Break out the LloydPans Bakeware; it’s time to wow your customers with the best bakes on the block! It’s World Baking Day today, and in a time of ultimate great bakes, comfort eating and permissible indulgence, our innovation team is here to celebrate you: the baker.

Days of the Year reminds us that baking has existed for over 14,000 years, arguably dating back to the first bakers in Jordan who created flatbreads. Then followed Roman artisans, old world pastry chefs, commercial bakers of the Middle Ages in the United Kingdom to oven upgrades and new hacks during tough times of World Wars I and II. Here in the present day, we celebrate the innovations and trends of the baking world, and the LloydPans innovation team can’t wait to head to our local bakery to try out some of the latest.

Charcuterie Bakes

Photo by Cheryl’s Cookies

Charcuterie boards are all the rage here in the U.S., and Cheryl’s Cookies’ cute idea is to offer customers gourmet baked treats including buttercream frosted cookies, butter shortbread cookies, yogurt dipped pretzels, key lime white chip cookies and more delectable assortments.  

Limited Edition

Photo by GoodBakes

Barry Callebaut found that 74% of North American consumers want to try new and exciting chocolate cake or pastry experiences. Personalization is key with baked good lovers, so why not offer up a limited edition World Baking Day treat that is unique, selective and will make your customers feel like VIPs. And, don’t forget to add the color. Eye-popping and photographable bakes are trending, with 49% of millennials saying that cakes and pastries with multiple colors are not only visually appealing, but offer a premium quality. 

Contest Chatter

Photo courtesy of Pillsbury

Last year, sadly, like most events, the Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest did not happen. But, it’s back on for the 50th time in 2021, and even though it’s a competition for amateur bakers, why not kick off your own bakery contest in-store? What better day to start than on World Baking Day, and not only will it create buzz for your bakery, but it’s sure to renew an innovative spirit in your store. 

What are you baking today? Putting any of these ideas to the test? Send us a pic of your bakes @LloydPans.

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