Diving Deeper Into the Deep Dish

History of the Deep Dish Pizza
April 8, 2021
Pizza for a Cause Helped with LloydPans
April 26, 2021

The LloydPans innovation team has been having a ton of fun this month diving deep into one of our favorite pizzas: the deep dish. This week we’re leaving the borders of Chicago, home of the deep dish, and spreading the sauce to other parts of the nation. Chicago-style deep dish pizza is sweeping the nation, thanks to pizza makers who are driven by innovation. 

First we head to New York City, which is known for its own style of pizza. However, a guy from Chicago named Emmett Burke took his name and his deep dish recipe to the East Coast in 2013. He loves deep dish so much that there’s a range of offerings on his menu, including the Magnum P Eye with the controversial pineapple topping; the Gabe Froman, which features spinach, pepperoni and sausage; This Buds For You, with white onion and mushroom. If none of those work, cheese lovers will enjoy The Cheese Louise, complete with a caramelized cheese crust.

Chicago’s speakeasies also found their way out of the city and into the West Coast’s Capo’s. With names like the Deville, Michigan Ave., Johnny Torrio and Big Joe Zerilli, Chicago-style deep dish lovers will enjoy unique toppings like honey, Calabrese sausage, soppressata picante, hot giardiniera and pecorino. 

Is there anything better than a celebrity endorsement? Hollywood Pies brought deep dish to Los Angeles, and with that press began. Serious Eats, Thrillist, LA Weekly and Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes have all given shoutouts and press to the deep dish pizzeria, which features Chicago-style with a Hollywood twist. From the best seller Capone to the brand new Sombrero, there is a deep dish pizza for everyone at this eatery.
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