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Even though wedding season traditionally starts in the spring and extends into the fall, there is nothing traditional about an event that also is known for people gathering together in our new normal. But, weddings are still a time of celebration, and besides the bride, there is a major timeless focal point of the day: the wedding cake. 

Trend No. 1: Individuality Shines Through

Wedding cakes have always reflected the couples’ personalities and style, but in 2021, popular wedding site The Knot says that “wedding cake trends in 2021 will be driven by intentionality and personalization.” Even though the guest count may be lowering, budgets are staying relatively the same, which is great news for America’s bakers. Mini cakes, smaller tiers, micro-wedding cakes and individually-packaged desserts will head this year’s lineup. In fact, individual, pre-wrapped desserts will be the “major trend” of the year. 

“While mini cakes seem like a safe route to take, they are labor-intensive, which makes them cost prohibitive, Sarah Schlesinger, owner of Sarah & Simon Cake Design, told The Knot. “Couples should see mini cakes as a way to combine the wedding cake and the wedding favors, so everyone can go home with their own tiny decorated cake or cookie — it justifies the ‘splurge’ more.” 

Customization also allows for a stretch beyond the cake, with s’more kits, personalized cookies and tarts or bars to take shape this season. 

Trend No. 2: Personalization Through Design

Schlesinger says that “couples want thoughtfully and carefully decorated cakes — not necessarily minimal, just more purposeful.” Anything of personal significance will be a huge ask this year, along with hand-painted art and edible printed patterns or a family cake topper that showcases unique aspects of the couple. Other cool statement pieces include art designs, textured accents and aromatics. The good news about quarantine? Cake artists and bakers have had plenty of time on their hands to create new art, textures and abstract designs that couples are eating up. In fact, we were blown away by the creations on Elegant Wedding Invites. From 3D floral paintings with foil details to brushstroke art to translucent isomalt design, bakers are showing what they’re made of in 2021. 

Trend No. 3: Getting Back to What Matters

Tradition is key in 2021. People are remembering what matters most in life — family, close friends and spending quality time during special moments. Schlesinger makes a good point: “It’s hard to be stressed when you’re eating cake.” So, no matter what couples may be having to give up during wedding planning in our new normal, one thing they aren’t skimping on is the cake. It’s fun; it’s traditional; and it’s part of the one thing weddings symbolize: love. 

Ready to say “I do” to this year’s wedding cake trends? No matter what you’re creating, our lineup of bakeware is here to help. 

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