‘Loopy Fruits’ Pizza Sparks Another Ingredient Debate

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We’ve all heard of breakfast pizza, but a new pizza topping craze took the news feeds by storm this week that takes traditional morning fare to a new level: Fruit Loops. 

Perhaps topping — no pun intended — the “does pineapple belong on pizza” argument originates from a trending news story this week out of Iowa-based Fong’s Pizza. The New York Post, among many others, reports that the “Loopy Fruits Pizza,” which customers can find on the breakfast section of the menu, features the popular cereal with sweet cream cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese. Gwen Page, Fong’s co-founder, told the Post that the eatery loves “doing things that are just off-the-wall.” The restaurant strives for a truly unique experience, and it certainly has succeeded in one aspect: social media debate. 

The LloydPans innovation team found both positive and negative comments. A Twitter user called the pizza “a sacrilege and an affront to every Italian.” Another stressed that pizza and Fruit Loops should be enjoyed separately. But, another user said, “if it’s on a regular pepperoni, cheese and sauce pizza, that’s disgusting. However, that sounds like a great idea for a dessert pizza!” The bottom line? Many skeptics were at least willing to try the fruity concoction, which is great news for Fong’s business. 

What do you think? Do Fruit Loops — or any other breakfast cereal for that matter — belong on pizza? While you’re debating whether to add something similar to your menu, don’t forget to stock up on LloydPans pizza pans to help sweeten the deal. 

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