LloydPans Celebrates National Pizza Day with Regional Standouts

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February 1, 2021
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February 9, 2021

As if we need a reason to celebrate, on Feb. 9 we will stop and take a moment to hopefully grab a slice (or two) of one of America’s favorite foods: pizza. National Pizza Day is collectively celebrated nationwide, but regionally there are some favorites. 

Lawnstarter (yes, the landscaping company; perhaps they are fond of pizza delivery?) recently published the Most Popular Pizza Cities on Instagram infographic, and although the top two are no surprise (New York and Chicago) Las Vegas, San Francisco and San Diego are hot on the trail as trending cities not necessarily known for regional pizza styles. 

New York Thin Crust

Lawnstarter found that 61% of Americans prefer thin crust pizza, and New York is known best for this style, made thin to fold in half, perfect for the fast lifestyle of eating on the go. It’s simply made for this reason, usually with one topping, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and of course the hand-tossed crust so important to this style. 

Chicago Deep Dish

This one may take the longest to bake, but for most Chicagoans, it’s worth the wait. The high-edge crust allows for large amounts of tomato sauce, gooey cheese and toppings. Note that true Chicago style is made with the sauce on the top and cheese and toppings below to help combat burning. 

Now, here’s where we come to the fun part: regional pizzas that have oozed across the United States. Pizzas like Roman Al Taglio, California Style and Detroit are no longer restricted to their territorial namesakes. In fact, Thrillist called out Roman style as one of the best of the best in its top Las Vegas pizza joints article. Roman Al Taglio is rectangular in shape and made with a light, airy crust, perfect for those long walks up and down the Vegas Strip. 

Vegan, gluten-free and innovative toppings are trends that we’ve discussed recently in the LloydPans blog, and the last two cities, San Francisco and San Diego are leading the way with California style pizza. Innovative toppings may include chicken, goat cheese, peanut sauce and artichoke hearts, and serving sizes are usually smaller. After all, Californians have to keep their beach bodies year-round. 

Need to stock up on pizza pans to expand your regional menu for National Pizza Day and beyond? Check out our lineup of Regional Style Pans, made here in the United States. 

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