LloydPans Cookie Sheets Help Americans Get Their Cookie Fix

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January 15, 2021
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February 1, 2021

There’s a reason there is no Cake Monster, Doughnut Monster or Pastry Monster. The story goes that the now-beloved Cookie Monster “won a quiz show,” and was given the choice of $10,000, a new car, a trip to Hawaii or a cookie. Like many Americans, he opted for the cookie, and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Decades later, consumers may want that trip to Hawaii more than ever, but they’re happily grabbing cookies at their local bakeries to satisfy their needs. BakeryandSnacks.com reports that the U.S. cookie demand has risen 25% since the outbreak of the pandemic. TopData’s end-of-year survey showed that 95% of respondents eat at least one cookie per month, and one in five eat more than three cookies per day! The global demand for cookies (or biscuits in some countries) is even greater, at 31.6% growth during the pandemic. 

Even though Americans eat a lot of cookies we’re 10th on the global cookie demand list, leaving room for expansion and innovation in the category. TopData found that Utah’s citizens are “most addicted to cookies,” with Idaho and Oregon closely following. Chocolate chip (the Cookie Monster’s favorite), sugar cookies, peanut butter-flavored and macaroons topped the favorite variety list. 

The LloydPans innovation team scoured the U.S. for some of the best cookie bakeries in the country. If you’re coo coo for chocolate chip, Bravo TV’s top nine list names the best of the softly baked best. Breads Bakery’s Triple Chocolate Chip to Chocolate Chip Walnut to a salted variety, delicious twists round out this best of list. If peanut butter is more your style, New York State-based Greyston Bakery’s recipe calls for packed brown sugar, pure vanilla extract and, of course, the not-so-secret ingredient: peanut butter. Choose smooth or crunchy for your own appeal. Finally we head to Portland Oregon’s Farina Bakery, where French macarons are handcrafted, bite-sized and filled with light Italian buttercream or ganache. 

Ready to scream, “Me want cookies?!” We are too! And we’ll help you bake the most consistent sheets with our LloydPans Cookie Sheets, available with open or closed ends or as traditional flat sheets. We also produce custom pans and sheets, working with bakers to produce innovative products. 

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