Top Baking Trends of 2020: Alcohol Infused Desserts

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December 7, 2020
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December 18, 2020

Sweet comfort is the name of the game in baking for 2020, and the statistics are there to prove that consumers are craving sweet baked goods in rising numbers. To take it a step further, desserts infused with alcohol are trending even more this year, and the LloydPans innovation team predicts that the holiday season will prove to be even bigger in this category.

The Baker’s Take perhaps said it best: “When times are tough, people crave sweet foods.” Many Americans will be spending the holidays in quarantine, and they’ll look to comfort in foods to drive through to the New Year. Sales of commercial sweet goods like donuts, muffins, pastries and more are up 5% compared to 2019, and bakers are tasked with making fresher, ready-to-eat baked goods that suit individual tastes and needs. And what better way to individualize a baked good than to infuse it with alcohol? 

Business merchant Quikstone Capital Solutions, in its Bakery Trends for 2020 report, predicted that alcohol infused treats would carry over from 2019 into 2020, and we saw this in every rum, brandy and tequila spiked offering this year. For example, Richmond, VA-based Tipsy Cupcakes’ business model centers around alcohol infused cupcakes (virgin ones are available too) with fun names like Twisted Strawberry Shortcake, Peach Bellini and 99 Apple Cinnamon. 

With more than one in four Americans eating more baked goods as a result of the pandemic and over a quarter saying they crave more baked goods than they normally would over the past six months, the time is right for bakers and foodservice professionals to break open the bubbly and pour it into their bakes.

Don’t forget LloydPans for the best boozy cookies, cupcakes and cake pops this holiday season and beyond. 

Photo by Pinterest

Photo by Pinterest

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