Top Baking Trends of 2020: Personalization, Customization and Hybrid Desserts

Top Baking Trends of 2020: Colorful Pastries and Cookies
December 2, 2020
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Top Baking Trends of 2020: Alcohol Infused Desserts
December 14, 2020

At the beginning of the year, Dawn Foods predicted that customization and personalization would take the cake — and other baked goods — during the year in its “Eight Food Trends to Guide Your Bakery in 2020” consumer behavior survey. Little did we know how true that forecast would be in a time where people need comfort, convenience and single serving offerings.

At the time of Dawn Foods’ report, one in five consumers expressed an interest in personalized products or services. And, they were willing to pay a 20% premium to get their monikers iced, embellished and infused into their favorite cookies, pastries and cupcakes. 

Business credit company Quikstone Capital Solutions also took a look at the baking industry and how it can adapt to the needs of customers in 2020. In its “10 Bakery Trends for 2020” report, customizable baked goods made the list. “Giving more power to your customers to personalize their baked goods [beyond wedding and birthday cakes] can help to create a unique niche and loyal following,” the report said. 

Also making Quikstone’s list was hybrid desserts. What better way to personalize than creating combos like brownies plus cookies, croissants plus doughnuts and more. Want a duffin, brookie, cragel or townie? The LloydPans innovation team has found an awesome list from Spoon University of “13 Bakeries That Invented the World’s Trendiest Hybrid Pastries.” From New York to California, there are endless options to gain inspiration to personalize and customize a wide array of desserts and baked goods for your loyal following.

Need a new bakeware lineup to customize your way to your customers’ hearts through their stomachs? Check out our latest:

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