Top Baking Trends of 2020: Colorful Pastries and Cookies

Top Baking Trends of 2020: Cakes
November 26, 2020
Top Baking Trends of 2020: Personalization, Customization and Hybrid Desserts
December 7, 2020

A splash of color in the baking community was a hit in 2020, especially in the second half of the year. Sprinkles and rainbow colored pastries and cookies provided a special surprise when consumers took a bite, along with a well-needed dose of happiness via brightly hued baked goods. 

In today’s age of social media and photographic evidence of what we’re eating, drinking and experiencing, bakers can no longer rely on taste alone. Consumers no longer want to embrace their culinary findings solo. They want to share their experiences, especially when it comes to good food. Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut reported that visual appeal is “a top criterion for consumers choosing a crave-worthy bakery item.” This includes colorful decorations, bright colors or even hues of black to make them Snapchat or Instagram worthy. Further, 49% of surveyed millennials said cakes or pastries with multiple colors are not only more visually interesting, but they are deemed “premium.” 

And, bakers threw shade in 2020 — in the best way possible. reports that major Instagrammable themes of the year included rainbow, unicorn and “galaxy” colors, along with blues and greens of nature like marine life and mountains. Baked goods that featured floral flavors and colors like chamomile, violet and edible plants also featured trends that consumers were craving. No longer are lemon, pumpkin and banana just flavors. In 2020 they shone through via a wide range of colors that exhibited what the baked good was offering even on another prism.
No matter what color of the rainbow your bakery is including in your pastry and cookie lineup, the LloydPans innovation team is here to help you with the perfect, consistent bake each and every time. Contact us today to stay on tinty trend.

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