Bakers Rejoice: ‘Halloween is Happening’ Says Industry Leaders

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October 1, 2020
The Pie’s The Limit
October 16, 2020

It’s been tough to make plans in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, especially in the food industry. But, if anything, Halloween is a holiday that will bring families closer together this year, according to experts. And, what better way to celebrate a ghoulishly delicious Halloween party than with a Halloween cake? reports that consumers want something to look forward to this fall, and an Insight to Action survey confirmed the sentiment. Almost three-quarters of millennial moms and young parents said that Halloween is “more important than ever this year.” 

So, how can the baking industry help make this year’s Halloween safe and fun? At-home parties are sure to be a hit this year, with families celebrating by picking up their favorite baked goods and haunting together. AlwaysATreat gives some other great tips, like hosting a Virtual Halloween Party or making a Halloween Countdown calendar, extending Halloween for the entire month. Bakeries that want to get in on the scary action can develop cakes and cookies for the entire month. Need inspiration? Here’s what the LloydPans innovation team thinks will kill.

Frighteningly Good Candy

Opting not to trick or treat this year? Get your candy fix with an “evil eye” doughnut instead. For example, Du’s Donuts and Coffee housed in New York makes a vanilla cake doughnut coated with coconut glaze and topped with gummy eye candy. In fact, topping any baked good with candy sounds like the perfect way to trick or treat yourself. 

Scary Sweet Cake

Sprinkles are in, named a gourmet cake trend for 2020 by SweetFest. Chicago, based Jarosch Bakery makes a fun, aptly-chosen Devil’s Food Sprinkle Cake fit for little ones who love buttercream filling and icing. Add your favorite Halloween topping and you’re ready to slice. 

To Die For Cupcakes

Chocolate has “an uncanny ability” to boost moods and lift spirits, and we’re not just talking about the undead! Noe Valley Bakery from San Francisco whipped up these mini cupcake versions of its traditional Halloween chocolate cupcake topped with buttercream and handmade fondant design. 

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