National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day Honors Timeless Classic

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July 30, 2020
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August 12, 2020

The Cookie Monster is pouring his glass of milk and licking his muppet lips in anticipation of one of the crunchiest, gooeyist, delicious food holidays of the year — National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day! 

The chocolate chip cookie is one of the most popular cookie choices, and the LloydPans innovation team took a dive into where you can get your cookie fix to celebrate. According to, a food holiday source, the first chocolate chip cookie was made purely by accident in a Massachusetts inn aptly named the Toll House. In 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield wanted to make chocolate cookies, but she threw in chunks of a chocolate bar to see how it would mix. The chocolate didn’t blend well with the cookie, but instead became chunky within the cookie, leading to the famous Toll House company.

It is said that the average person eats around 35,000 cookies in a lifetime, so let’s add to that number today with some awesome Chocolate Chip Cookie Day deals. (Note: please contact businesses ahead of time due to possible COVID restrictions.)

Nestle Toll House Cafe

There are approximately 140 locations built from Wakefield’s recipe, and customers can visit a location for a free chocolate chip cookie today, while supplies last. Limit one per customer.


Got a craving for Mexican with a chocolate chip cookie for dessert? All entree purchases at Uberrito on August 4 come with a free mini chocolate chip cookie. 

BJ’s Brewhouse & Restaurant

Can’t make it on August 4 and have deep regrets over missing out on your favorite Pizookie? Join BJ’s Premier Rewards Plus program, and receive a free deep-dish chocolate chip cookie plus another freebie on your birthday. There are different varieties of the Pizookie, one being a gluten-free chocolate chip. Double the chocolate chip cookie deals, double the deliciousness.
Want to get your cookie fix locally? EatThis, NotThat! compiled its 2020 Best Chocolate Chip Cookie in Every State roundup, based on Yelp reviews ranging from coffeehouses to family-owned bake shops. Want to make next year’s list? Bake the best chocolate chip cookies in town with LloydPans’ Cookie Sheets. They’re built to last and produce reliable, consistent baking results, and we’ll work with batches of all sizes to produce custom sheets that the Cookie Monster will be proud of.  

Photo By National Day Calendar

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