‘Disaster’ Birthday Cake Trend Puts Positive Spin on 2020

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July 22, 2020
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COVID has changed how everyone celebrates, and personalization is more important than ever. What could be more meaningful than a birthday cake? The birthday cake is the focal point of celebration of another year on earth, but this year bakeries are tasked with making cakes that are even more significant and special.

Drive-by birthday parties are the new norm in 2020, and having a sweet treat to brighten one’s spirits can help save the day. They say if you can’t beat em, join em, and consumers are embracing the theme of the year, reflected in birthday cakes that depict disaster-like qualities. 

The Fault Line Cake

Coming back onto the scene in 2019, truly a foreshadowing trend heading into 2020 was the Fault Line Cake. And now, it’s one of the biggest birthday cake requests of the year, topping Anges de Sucre’s Extraordinary Cakes’ trend list. Buttercream is usually the frosting of choice on this unique cake, distinguished by a visible layer or “fault line” exposed in the center of the cake’s surround. The Cake Decorating Company predicted this cake to be a “major player” in 2020, citing sprinkles, edible metallic pearls or gold leaf flakes as embellishments within the fault line. Truly turning a disaster into edible art!

Photo by Freed’s Bakery

Taking this trend to the next level, Las Vegas-based Freed’s Bakery offers a Sprinkle Fault Line Cake topped with an ice cream cone, chocolate and fresh fruit. 

The Geode Cake

Photo by Pastry Arts Mag

Truly an explosion of color and flavor, the Geode Cake trend started in 2016 when cake designer Rachael Teufel posted her Geode Cake creation online. It went viral, according to Pastry Arts Mag, and the trend is exploding like a volcano — appropriate since a geode is a secondary formation within volcanic rock. Layers of sponge cake are removed in the Geode Cake, exposing the middle to be filled with a colorful sugar rock design. Teufel told Pastry Arts Mag, “the process of designing a Geode Cake is very similar to a traditional cake, with the exception of adding additional support to the cavern, once the cake is carved away. The edible geode is made from a combination of granulated sugar and rock candy, and then crafted within a fondant-covered cavern encircled with multicolored modeling chocolate to create the look of stone.”

Need an eruption of inspiration? Check out Denver’s Buttercream Bakeshop’s Geode Cake with Fresh Flowers & Macarons. It’s made with rock candy, edible gold leaf and topped with fresh flowers.

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