The Art and Psychology of Grilling Marks

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June 4, 2020
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LloydPans’ Grill Plates, Grill Pans and Diamond Grill Pans all have one thing in common: they allow pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants and foodservice operations to create appetizing grill marks on hamburgers, steaks, seafood, hot dogs and sandwiches regardless of the type of oven used. Consumers love grill marks — but why? What’s so appealing about the diamond shaped pattern? 

The Psychology

Experts say a lot of it is psychological. Customers who don’t or can’t grill in their own backyards are looking to restaurants to mimic that flame broiled, charcoal taste, and cross hatched grill marks “prove” that the actual act of grilling has taken place even if heated in an indoor pan or in the oven. Claudia Ficca, professional food stylist, told Thrillist, “It’s important to see the grill marks because that is what makes it ‘grilled.’” Visually appealing food simply tastes better, and Amazing Ribs says that grill marks aren’t only necessary for “Instagram hero shots,” but when one puts “a few steaks next to each other and one has grill marks while the others don’t, it’s your immediate response to go for the one that has the marks, because we’ve been trained to think it’s going to taste better.

The Art

Are grill marks overrated? Some experts say yes. But, in the world of social media, commercials and advertisements where appearances are everything, grill marks — whether real or fake — aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Proper searing techniques don’t necessarily call for grill marks more than “superficial branding,” Amazing Ribs reports, but they’re still there. If you’re using a LloydPan Grill Plate or Grill Pan, depending on the oven type, pre-heating the pan will produce grill marks on foods. Conventional ovens will produce a bold grill pattern if pre-heating the Grill Plate. Our Diamond Grill Pans work great with ovens with pre-set time and temperature, consistently producing impressive grill marks or proteins and vegetables time and time again.

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