Personalization Tops Baking Trends of 2020

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April 30, 2020
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May 21, 2020

It’s inevitable; each year experts rate the top trends of the new year based on what consumers are looking for and how suppliers are predicted to respond. The baking industry is no different, but 2020 has become a markedly unprecedented year with COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. Bakers have had to shift efforts, but one trend forecast that’s stayed the same — in fact becoming heightened — is the need for personalization and comfort during these uncertain times.

Taste the Baked Goods Rainbow

In an effort to answer the call of consumers who want fewer synthetic colors and more all-natural ingredients, vegetables like beets are being used by bakers to help with customers who want their favorite color and their favorite desserts on the menu — with less guilt. Bright colors and global influence are high on consumers’ wish lists, and foods like dragon fruit, mango, pumpkin and cherries are not only bringing baked goods to life, but they’re a personal twist to single-serve desserts, which also are trending, like cake pops, cake bites and cookies. In fact, reported that bakers are shying away from “bigger is better,” opting for no hassle bakes and single-serve items.

Flour Power

When we think of personalization, one doesn’t immediately think of flour. However, flour has been on the forefront of trend watch 2020 when discussing better-for-you pizza crusts and bakery items. Fifty Whole Foods food and beverages experts named their trends for 2020, and flour was top of the list of an item that “could impact and inspire the baking industry in 2020.” 

Consumers are influenced by better-for-you and international ingredients more than ever before, and flours made with ancient grains like buckwheat and spelt; fruit and vegetables like cauliflower, coconut and banana; and nut and seed blends — yes, even tigernut — are tops on bakers’ lists. The Whole Foods team also said that “super flours” that add more fiber and protein will continue through 2020 — and what could be more personal than a baker’s innovation and what we’re putting into our bodies?

Sensory Experiences

Taste and smell have never been in the news more than right now, and baked goods can be a stress reliever thanks to the fresh aromas and each sweet, savory, delectable bite. says bakers are becoming “more experimental,” and we’re all for the multi-sensory food experiences in the baked goods world. Unique food pairings and shape, flavor and texture fusions are a great way to customize orders. 

Baking Business reported in the fall that people are looking for an escape from reality, a way to “disconnect and reduce stress and anxiety through personalized, highly indulgent sweet goods or desserts.” Innovative flavors and new smells are great ways to make this happen, including a little burn. Usually burning is a sign of a bad bake, but charring is actually trending in 2020! reports that char can add dimension and complexity to desserts with acidity, tang and sweetness, and  the bitter and sweet combination can also “impart alcoholic flavor notes,” which doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. 

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