C-Store Pizza Market Capitalizes on COVID Trends

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April 23, 2020
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There’s always a silver lining, and even though COVID-19 has restricted the majority of Americans to eating pizza at home instead of having their pie in restaurants, one trend will stay the same — we love eating pizza no matter where the location or situation.

C-Store Pizza Trends

In early April, BakingBusiness.com reported that 43% of Americans ate pizza at least once a week. At that time there were more than 95,000 pizza outlets across the country, according to market research company Technomic. During the stay-at-home orders, consumers are clamoring for comfort foods to help through what may be lonely times, and to-go orders or ready-to-eat pizzas from convenience stores are becoming Americans’ new way of eating comfort food.

Pizza lovers, according to research firm Euromonitor International, are looking for trends in the ready-to-go pizza category such as more natural preservatives; reduced-carb alternatives like cauliflower crusts; and bold, ethnic flavors derived from global inspiration. Additionally, younger consumers or those who live alone are looking for single slice pizzas or those small enough to serve a family of one. 

The Growth of C-Stores

Of course national pizza chains are leading in sales categories, BakingBusiness.com notes, but c-stores, according to CHD Expert, are growing at a rapid pace. Casey’s General Stores was named one of the fastest-growing pizza restaurants in the country (its Taco Pizza is a popular specialty), with Wawa, Sheetz and Kwik Trip closely following. The National Association of Convenience Stores found that c-store chains have increased sales inside the stores by 30% in the past decade, and the number of c-stores in the U.S. has grown by 28%, with the leader there being 7-Eleven. 

An astounding 93% of American live within 10 minutes of a c-store, making convenience and stay-at-home orders easier to comply with due to the proximity. Prepared food sales, which include pizza, inside c-stores is on the rise, and Euromonitor says that “ because pizza is a substantial component of prepared food offerings at convenience stores, it is reasonable to assume that pizza sales through these outlets have grown in tandem with category sales as a whole.”

Prepared C-Store Pizza Perfect for Transparency

Plant-based supply and demand are booming in the prepared and pizza category, and c-stores’ prepared pizza makers are innovating with better-for-you crusts and toppings like zucchini, sweet potato and broccoli-cheddar. Authenticity is key: in fact, a Technomic study found that 49% of shoppers wanted more authenticity in pizza offerings. With the market ripe for carry-out innovation, c-stores that can be as forthcoming with exposure, ingredient supply chain and offer the latest in technology in ordering — including contactless and touchless technology — and fast, convenient carry out options will stand out above the competition.

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