Join Virtual Pizza Expo April 6-10

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March 26, 2020
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April 15, 2020

The LloydPans innovation team was saddened that we couldn’t speak to each of you in person at this year’s trade show, but we’re excited to see that the International Pizza Expo is going virtual April 6-10! 

Brought to you by Pizza Today, Virtual International Pizza Expo is bringing the sauce to you via online educational programs, roundtable discussions and interviews with operators who will discuss not only the challenges faced by the pizzeria industry in this ever-changing world, but best practices, strategies and compassion will be highlights of the more than 50 hours of sessions. 

The biggest names in the pizzeria business will definitely be discussing COVID-10, but you’ll also get to watch fun kitchen demos and educational seminar recordings from past Pizza Expos to round out this encouraging virtual experience. And — the best part — it’s all free. 
More details and an updated schedule of sessions can be found at, and the Virtual International Pizza Expo will go live on April 6 here: And, as always, the LloydPans team is here to answer all of your pizza industry health, business, manufacturing and shipping questions during this unprecedented time.

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