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March 17, 2020
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The best part of getting pizza when you were younger was when your parents would ask what you wanted on it. Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, cheese, of course. But, what about pickled ginger? How about bananas, anyone? Did someone say canned tuna? Not every country is famous for the traditional pepperoni and sausage combination. In fact, countries all over the world have their own signature favorite topping — and lucky for us, America is a melting pot of ingredients inspired from around the world.

It may come off as no surprise, but Japan’s signature toppings are squid and mayo jaga (mayonnaise, potato and bacon mixture). In the Asian culture, seafood is typical and used in many dishes. So why wouldn’t squid be a famous topping? Teriyaki chicken is another Japanese favorite, but didn’t quite beat out the seafood delicacy. 

Where to find it stateside: J & M, North Andover, MA 

How does a slice of pickled ginger pizza sound? Along with tofu, pickled ginger are two popular pizza toppings in India. Being called the “Land of Spices,” India is known for producing the most spices in the world. Pickled ginger doesn’t sound too bad after all. 

Where to find it stateside: Baba Louie’s, Hudson, NY 

Pizzas in the United Arab Emirates look very similar to pizza in the United States, minus the cone crust. Pizza lovers can still enjoy pepperoni topping on their pizza, but the crust may look a little different. In the UAE the edges of their pies are cone filled crust! Usually the cones are cream cheese filled but someone could also get a chicken strip and honey mustard cone crust! 

Where to find it stateside: Kono Pizza, various locations

In Germany, smoked meats are very popular for just about every meal. It’s very common to have smoked sausage for breakfast sandwiches to start the day. Toss it on a pizza and serve it up! This may come as a shock, but canned tuna is the special topping for this country. 

Where to find it stateside: Provami, Los Angeles, CA 

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