Pizza Delivery Demand Heightens as Coronavirus Quarantines Grow

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March 12, 2020
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March 17, 2020

Just when we thought cabin fever from the winter was over, events, get-togethers, competitions and work have been canceled or limited for many Americans in March — and possibly beyond. Droves of people are heading to the grocery stores for pantry staples, but for those who are fearful of leaving the house, or for those who are staring at empty shelves, there’s one tried and true method of food delivery that never fails: pizza. 

A Precautionary Tale

The demand for pizza delivery has risen in the past several days. Louisville, KY-based Courier Journal reports that Papa John’s, the international pizza chain headquartered in the city, has seen a huge spike in pizza delivery orders in Korea, and the prediction is that same revenue bump is swiftly making its way West. Precautions of course are in place for drivers, as they are required to wash their hands both before and after deliveries. Third-party drivers for companies like Uber Eats are asked to use hand sanitizer in the restaurants before picking up orders. 

Contactless Delivery

To go a step further, touchless or contactless delivery has been implemented via third-party vendors like Instacart and Postmates in several U.S. cities. In this scenario, drivers bring pizzas to customers and wait “several feet away while the customer retrieves the pizza box.” Grub Street shares that the Postmates’ version gives customers an option for drop-off with pizza left at the door in its app.

No End in Sight?

PMQ Pizza Magazine reports that pizza delivery sales will thrive due to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, especially if it continues to spread and more people self quarantine. Alex Garden, CEO of Zume, posed the question: “What do you think will happen to delivery habits if people are confined to their homes for a couple of weeks? I think we are going to see a massive change toward delivery in the next probably six to eight weeks.” With food delivery already growing, pizza delivery in general could be one area that benefits from this unprecedented epidemic.

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