Trending Pizza Toppings: Glitter and Kiwi

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February 12, 2020
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February 26, 2020

We love a good pizza party at LloydPans, and we have two new ways to celebrate: with glitter and kiwi! These ingredients aren’t being paired up together — quite yet — but they are individually hitting social media (and Jimmy Kimmel) as trending ingredients that caught our innovation team’s eye. 

Glitter Pizza Makes a Resurgence

Last year, Santa Monica-based Dagwoods went full unicorn and topped its latest creation with edible glitter. After a shoutout from late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, the glittery pie — named Magical AF pizza — is back at the eatery that serves Italian and American fare. Narcity says that Dagwoods serves “every type of topping you could wish for,” and when we wish upon a star, we definitely see glitter. The glitter pizza is a margherita style pie that showcases a rainbow palette and a unicorn topper. The current price tag is set at approximately $35 for a 16”, and you can order it online as well. The glitter does indeed sparkle, it’s safe to eat and we hope that the celebratory topper makes its way out of California and sweeps the nation throughout 2020 and beyond.

Kiwi Tops Newest Pizza War

The pineapple can sit back and relax for a minute, since the debate is surely going to shift to the latest pizza ingredient: kiwi. Is it appropriate on anything other than a fruit pizza? Can it survive on a traditional cheese and marinara-based pie? The Twitter and Instagram comments raged recently when a posted photo of kiwi on pizza appeared, as caught by Delish among other worldwide news outlets.

Was pineapple just a “gateway topping” to more inventive creations? Is it gross or delicious? So far, we’ve only seen this topper as an off-menu request in Sweden and Al Taglio pizzeria in Surrey Hills, Sydney, Australia. Do you want to be one of the first to try to bring it to your U.S. menus? We can’t help you with the naysayers, but we can help with bar pizza sheet pans, straight side pizza pans, perforated cutter pans and accessories to help with your creations, no matter what toppings you delve into. Visit the LloydPans booth at the upcoming PizzaExpo in March to discuss what you’ve tried!

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