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January 13, 2020
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February 3, 2020

2019 may have been “The Year of the Vegan” according to Economist Magazine and Forbes, but looking forward to 2020, vegan pizza is a trend that is just beginning to get hot. 

Whether it’s a lifestyle choice for health, a nod to love of animals or an oath to help the climate, adopting a plant-based diet used to be more difficult when eating outside of the home. But now, the freedom to eat without meat is one of the biggest trends on the planet, with a bevy of choices like the Impossible Burger (along with endless other plant-based “meat” offerings), tastier tofu with added flavors and ancient grains that liven up our plates and entice our taste buds. But, we’re here to talk about one specific vegan trend in 2020: vegan pizza.

Smokin Oak Wood-Fired Pizza predicted its top trends for 2020, and vegan pizza was right up there, along with gluten-free crusts. The United States has seen vegan consumers grow from 1% to 6%, largely based on the fact that it’s easier now than ever before to make the vegan choice. But, you may be asking — what about the cheese? LiveKindly addresses that pizza-specific problem by naming the “biggest runaway fast-food hit in 2020” — vegan cheese. Domino’s and Pizza Hut are offering vegan cheese pizza in their EU and Australia chains, and we predict the United States will soon follow. Brie, cheddar, gouda, feta and ricotta producers are working hard to bring vegan cheese as a tastier option, which was named “one of the biggest challenges in creating a vegan pizza menu” by Pizza Today in 2018. Now, we’re closer to reality than ever before.

For those ready to try vegan pizza now, Pizza Today shares that several eateries across the country already are using all plant-based menu offerings. Pizzas with vegan meat and cheese alternatives are obviously a hit, but consumers also are opting to go without cheese altogether or with specialty vegan pizzas with ingredients like nuts, almonds, legumes and cauliflower crusts.

Two recipes that particularly caught the LloydPans innovation team’s eye are the BBQ Jackfruit Pizza and the Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza. The jackfruit is in the fig family, and has proven to be an excellent meat substitute on menus that offer nachos, dips, chilis and sandwiches. All it takes for this particular pizza recipe are two cans of young, green jackfruit in brine or water, drained and rinsed and vegan smoked gouda to start the process. The Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza calls for bite-sized buffalo cauliflower that can be loaded onto a pizza with vegan ranch dressing. Add in some banana peppers and vegan chevre, and you have a truly unique pizza. 

Ready to update your pizza menu with vegan options? The LloydPans pizza lineup is here to help with pizza pans, disks, cutting boards and other pizza baking accessories. Start the dough prep today!

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