A Toast to Alcohol-Infused Desserts

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December 28, 2019
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December 31, 2019

We’re toasting not only to a new year, but a new decade, and what better way for bakers to celebrate than by adding a splash of their favorite adult beverage to the mix.

Innovations in Alcohol-Infused Baking

Adding liquor to desserts isn’t a new idea, especially during the busy holiday season and into the new year. Foodable Network reminds us that traditional desserts like Bananas Foster and tiramisu have always called for liquor in their recipes — banana liqueur and rum or cognac, for example. But, chefs around the country are innovators at heart, and they are always searching for the newest creation to entice loyal and new customers. 

“Chefs [are] finding unique ways to incorporate boozy flavors into everything from cakes and cookies to ice cream and popsicles,” Foodable Network said. “Alcohol is a flavor enhancer and also provides a way to take nostalgic desserts and makes them a little sexier.”

For example, bakers over the past several years have turned to the cupcake and cake pop trend for inspiration, adding alcohol to their bakes. In fact, Sticky Fingers Bakery won top prize on the popular Food Network series, “Cupcake Wars,” for its ginger cupcake filled with brandy-peach filling and a chocolate cinnamon cupcake filled with bourbon caramel and topped with bourbon vanilla frosting. Foodable Network also cites Washington D.C.-based Crunkcakes’ Lemon Drop and Nutty Irishman cupcakes, as well as New York City-Based aptly named Prohibition Bakery, which serves Dark & Stormy, Piña Colada and Sangria cupcakes.

And, in true fashion, we expect to see Eastern innovations sweep Western bakeries, with delights like kulfi panna cotta with bourbon caramel sauce or chocolate cake soaked in Old Monk syrup — a dark rum — with vanilla ice cream, as noted by The Economic Times. Others are innovating with beer as well in desserts like tiramisu or brownies.

Spirit Trends in Desserts

One year ago, bourbon was cited by Christine Couvelier, global trendologist at Culinary Concierge, as a liquor to look out for in desserts such as blueberry and pecan pies. For inspiration, the LloydPans Innovation Team found this Blueberry Bourbon Cream Cheese Pie by Gourmet Sleuth. Not only is Maker’s Mark bourbon included in the filling of this pie, but the cream cheese layer is also combine with Maker’s Mark.

The low calorie trend in spirits certainly helps with the indulgence factor, and customers who also crave less guilt in their baked desserts can get the best of both worlds with alcohol-infused desserts that include low calorie liquors. Foodable Network notes that consumers who want just a taste of liquor without the next-day hangover also get a bonus. With the keto diet being something that consumers are asking for, we found this delectable Whiskey Cake by My Sweet Keto. This low-carb cake calls for “just a fragrance of Irish whiskey” (or more if you so choose). Low-cal rum also works well in this recipe.

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