Holiday Baking Blizzard Hits December

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December 16, 2019
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December may be the most wonderful time of the year in most parts, and we’re heading into the home stretch of baking for customers who need goods for parties, gatherings and steadfast traditions. 

Last year’s mid-December survey conducted by Dawn showed that 73% of Americans were more excited about baking during the holiday season, but shoppers prefer to head to their local bakery for ready-to-go holiday treats. The main reason for heading out of home kitchens? Time! More than half of the 1,416 adults polled with children said they don’t have time to bake at home as opposed to those without children at home and baby boomers were 77% more likely to buy baked goods from a grocery store than millennials. And, appearance mattered in the baby boomer category. Almost half said they were more likely than millennials or gen Z to choose baked goods based on appearance.

Pies, cookies and cakes topped baked goods in both home bake and bakery purchase categories, with leading flavors including pumpkin, pecan and apple. 

Now that you’re hungry for a good bake, let’s take a look at some favorite holiday recipes for three festive occasions.

Not one, not two, but eight days and nights of baking options are available during this Jewish festival holiday. From Sunday, December 22 to Monday, December 30, sweet lovers will be looking for their traditional baked goods from bakeries throughout the United States. One such recipe we found is a twist on the classic Jewish dessert, Holiday Rugelach, which literally includes a twist. Prune and apricot butters are rolled up into traditional rich, flaky crust with a bit of a secret: yummy cream cheese.

If you want to create something more hearty, Walnut Babka is great nutty loaf that can be served throughout the day. Martha Stewart loves the recipe from Breads Bakery in New York City that includes cinnamon, currants and raisins instead of traditional chocolate (but we love the chocolate version too!). 


Of course everyone loves a good old-fashioned Christmas cookie, but we’re here for something to really blast Santa into orbit this year. Taste of Home’s Mocha Yule Log caught our eye, made with cocoa cake, mocha filling and garnished with marzipan holly leaves and berries. This log is sure to make your bakery cases look delightful and appealing. 

A cake that is sure to make your customers take a second glance and head in the door is AllRecipes’ Ultimate Cranberry Pudding Cake. It’s a bundt cake made with hot butter sauce that can be garnished with powdered sugar and berries. Delicious!


From Thursday, December 26, to Wednesday, January 1, it’s time to feast! Known for celebrating African-american heritage in American culture, celebrations include unity, creativity, faith and giving gifts. Pie is an excellent way to celebrate during this week, and the Food Network loves this Sweet Potato Pie with Candied Pecans and Coconut. With ingredients such as light brown sugar, vanilla extract, allspice and ginger, we’re heading straight to the bakery for this one.

Finally, we have this recipe that is a sponge-type cake from The African Cookbook, brought to us from Accra Banana Peanut Cake. This cake blends the title ingredients with cinnamon and sugar, making for a traditional Ghanaian recipe that is visually appealing as well as delectable.

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