LP Blog: 5 Reasons Bakeries Should Make Pizzas

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November 26, 2019
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Got pizza? If not, adding pizza to your established baking repertoire can not only help boost sales, but it’s also a fun way to allow creative juices to flow. After all, pizza is a versatile menu item that satisfies the masses — from gluten-free to vegetarian to meat lovers — American’s love the ‘za.

U.S. restaurant chains are thriving. Independent ownerships are experiencing impressive growth, and even the frozen category is reporting sales increases through innovative new offerings. In short, pizza is booming. Bakeries in particular that don’t sell pizza throughout the day should take notice — you have the oven, comprehensive knowledge of dough and a broad consumer base looking for the next great pizza. There are a handful of bakeries throughout the country that are currently making not only the best bread in their cities, but also creating the best pizza. With that fact alone, there’s no reason why bakers shouldn’t be creating pizza for their customers! But, if you need specific reasons, here are five we baked up. 

  1. It’s smart business. Traditional bakeries start seeing sales lag the later it gets in the day, as most consumers visit bakeries in the morning. Imagine if your lunch crowds were just as busy? And, what about staying open until 6 p.m. so people commuting from work could pick up a carry-out pizza from your bakery before returning home? With pizza on the menu, a bakery can expect robust sales through lunch into early evening. Additionally, your bakery will be exposed to new eating occasions beyond the morning bread, bagel or pastry.
  2. It’s all about the dough. Any retail bakery expanding into pizza should put an intense focus on quality There are countless cheap pizzas in the marketplace that sell on price, convenience and speed. As a retail bakery, this should not be your domain. Instead, do what you do best: apply complex techniques, quality ingredients and artisanship to developing pizza doughs — especially the crust. You’re known for your bread, so apply the same techniques and skills you used to master a baguette to the development of your artisan pizza doughs.
  3. Minimal investment needed. You most likely already have an oven. You know the ins and outs of flour, water, salt, yeast and fermentation. What’s left? Pretty much just the pizza pans and pizza tools. Investments that are minimal in this space can pay off within your first month of offering pizza.
  4. Americans can’t stop eating pizza. Despite its maturity, the pizza category is booming. Regional-style pizzas, whether from Rome or Detroit, are gaining in popularity, and a pan pizza craze has swept the nation. Pizza by the slice is no longer just New York fare, and consumer cravings for all things pizza is causing many bakeries to explore adding pizza to their menu.
  5. Follow the leaders. Retail bakeries making a name in pizza is nothing new. Jim Lahey and Sullivan Street Bakery made waves in the 1990s selling six-foot-long pizza biancas in New York City. Fast forward to today, and consumers are more willing than ever to visit their local bakery for pizza. They understand how hard it is to make good bread, and trust a bakery will apply the same standards to pizza. A handful of bakeries already are thriving in the pizza space. For example, Grandaisy Bakery in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City has found success selling Roman-style pizza al taglio during lunch. Instead of the familiar mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce, the company tops its pizzas with simple ingredients like cauliflower, gruyere, potatoes and rosemary. Over in St. Louis, Union Loafers made its name by crafting exceptional breads, however, the bakery’s pizza game is also considered one of the best in the city. And, in Virginia Beach, Prosperity Kitchen and Pantry has introduced its consumers to pizza al taglio, which it serves nightly starting at 5 p.m.

No matter what time of day, pizza is an American staple that can be added to your bakery menu almost effortlessly. Adding pizza pans and tools to your pan set is easier than you think, and LloydPans is the pizza pan manufacturer you can trust for a fast turnaround and excellent customer service. Choose from our line of pizza pans, flatbread pans, straight side pans, cutter pans, or get yours custom made.

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