Upcoming National Food Days Honor Cake, Pie

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November 18, 2019
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Food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, so why not celebrate it? Americans know how to throw a party, and for 365 days a year, we have the possibility to satisfy every craving, sweet tooth and stomach’s desire — all thanks to daily food holidays. 

The Tampa Bay Times researched the whys of food holidays, and the reasons range from wacky ideas to holidays with historical roots to nationally recognized days declared by presidents (thank you for National Ice Cream Day, President Reagan). Food holidays, which can be found at Foodimentary.com, are a dream for food manufacturers, restaurateurs and marketers, who take advantage when their day of glory rolls around with freebies, discounts and general celebration. 

Amanda Putman, a content manager for Inform, told the Times that “her company promotes food holidays because they work with content providers like the Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray brands and Bon Appétit magazine. For them, it’s a hook on which they can hang more promotion.”

Enter social media — consumers now can not only find out where to grab the nearest doughnut on National Doughnut Day, but now we can hashtag our photos and share in the love we have for food. National food days not only create a sense of individual satisfaction, but a sense of community and family over a shared love. Putman told the Times: “I truly think we have social media to thank for making these national food days a ‘thing.’ People love to post their favorite creations to Instagram or Facebook. It is all about that hashtag.”

We at the LloydPans innovation team are especially excited about two national days coming up: National Cake Day on Nov. 26 and National Pie Day on Jan. 23. We have a wide array of cake pans, from square, round, contour and more. Whether you’re making an angel food cake (its day is Oct. 10) or a bundt cake (that one is Nov. 15), our professional cake pans continue to be the bakers’ choice.

If pie is more to your desire, it’s right around the corner in January. Making a pumpkin (Dec. 25) or a peach (Aug. 24) is easy with our pie pans and tools. It’s always pie season at LloydPans, and our line of pie pans is perfect for the commercial bakery looking for a heavy-duty pie pan that is built for life. Our pie pans are available in our proprietary, water-based, non-toxic coating system that promotes easy-release finishes without negatively impacting the color or taste of the pie. All of our pie pans are available in a variety of sizes and depths, or contact us if you have a new product that requires customization. 

Is your bakery or restaurant inspired to declare a national food holiday? Marlo Anderson is the founder of the National Day Calendar, which receives an approximate astounding 18,000 holiday fee-based submissions per year. A four-person committee will review your submission, and the result is based on whether inclusion to their calendar is nationally relevant and has odds of being celebrated. But, if your official submission is rejected, don’t fret. After all, food is meant to be enjoyed, no matter what size the cake or pie may be.

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