Pumpkin is the Pie of Choice Across Thanksgiving Dinner Tables

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October 31, 2019
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November 15, 2019

A Thanksgiving staple, pumpkin pie is key to most dinner tables during the uniquely American holiday. We’re obsessed with versatile uses of the orange gourd through the fall months, racing to the market for the first decorative pumpkin centerpiece of the season, to pumpkin carving parties. But, the way to our hearts is through the stomach, and eating pumpkins has been the primary usage of the squash during this time of year since the 1600s.

The kitchen is a busy place during Thanksgiving, and millions of families opt to outsource pie making to their local bakeries or retail shelves. Nielsen Fresh’s survey found that pie sales in 2018 approached $90 million during Thanksgiving last week. The only week even close to that is Christmas, coming in at $30 million. While other pies take a slice out of sales, a 2018 GE Appliances survey of pie preferences per region found that pumpkin was the most popular pie across America as a whole. Specifically, areas including the South Atlantic, East North Central, West North Central, Mountain and Pacific regions, all favored pumpkin pie.

The American Pie Council (yes, there’s a pie council) shared some other fun facts about pies:

●      Approximately $700 million in pies are sold annually in grocery stores alone. If you lined up the number of pies sold at U.S.-based grocery stores in a year, they would circle the globe.

●      13% of respondents in a 2008 survey by Crisco® and the American Pie Council cited pumpkin as their pie preference

●      35% admitted to eating pie for breakfast, 66% lunch and 59% during the night

●      Winning the category, pies were cited as the preference of dessert at holiday dinners

●      Mom almost lost out in a survey that asked, “Who Makes the Best Pie?” with 27%. Convenience store pie came in a close second at 26%.

●      An astounding 90% of Americans agree that a slice of pie represents one of the simple pleasures in life

If there’s any doubt as to how to serve up this slice of happiness, we turned to the 2018 American Pie Council National Championships for inspiration. Unique pumpkin pies that won prizes include Orange Kissed Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie, Boo Pumpkin Pecan Maple Pie, Pumpkin Pie with Salted Caramel Streusel, Cold and Creamy Pumpkin Pie, At the Stroke of Midnight Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin also made a great showing in the Commercial Category with 19 wins from pies like Pumpkin Spice Latte, Shelf Stable Pumpkin and Charlie Brown’s favorite — The Great Pumpkin.

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